Hi everyone!

I’m Jeff LeRoy, and I’m asking for your support in my run for Wyoming City Council. Wyoming is a wonderful place to live and that is a testimonial to all of you, as well as our city government and members of council who came before me and serve there now. My entire adult life has been about service, and I humbly ask for the opportunity to serve you, and our amazing community, on City Council.

A bit about me. I’m a West Point graduate and served in the U.S. Armed Forces, have been at P&G 17 years, and have been on a non-profit board. My wife, Emily DeFranco, is on the faculty at UC Medical School. We have a blended family with a total of five kids; one is still in Wyoming schools. You can find us having dinner at Tela most Thursday nights. Please come say hello! I’d love to hear and learn from you!

I am proud to be a resident of Wyoming! I will honor Wyoming traditions while respecting our collective history, legacy, and values. I will put you, your family, and Wyoming first and will work tirelessly on your behalf. I’m your neighbor, I’d be honored to serve you, and I humbly ask for your vote.

To me, Wyoming is More Than Home.



P.S. – Feel free to contact me anytime at jeffwyomingcouncil@gmail.com

Jeff LeRoy

Candidate, Wyoming City Council

A Vote for Me Is a Vote for:


City of Wyoming logoQuality of Life & Growth

Wyoming is More Than Home and those who serve her must cherish and nurture her. We must continue to balance ways to grow responsibly while absolutely maintaining our wonderful quality of life. Let’s focus on what we can control – responsible small business growth and fantastic quality of life opportunities that make our community attractive so that people move here and stay long term.


As a servant leader I will be accessible and in-touch while representing our collective interests. I will energetically labor on your behalf, working with anyone who can help our residents and serve our community. I will be an ambassador for Wyoming to represent our needs with public services, the State, and our neighboring communities.


Government is a team sport. Even if we disagree, I will ensure your voice is heard at City Council and bring your thoughts and opinions forward.


Days til the Election








Why Vote Jeff LeRoy for Wyoming City Council



Jeff LeRoy at the Wyoming city welcome signI live in the city of Wyoming because of you. Many of you have been here longer than I have, and you’ve built an amazing community. It drew us here. My family and I love the city. We want to do our part to make it a great place! As a member of City Council, you can trust I will honor Wyoming traditions while respecting our collective history, legacy, and values.


It’s not about me, it’s about WE. 


What You Get from Me

  • Proven leadership
  • A lifetime of service to my country, with world experience working with other cultures and people
  • A healthy respect for diversity and a desire to make our lives richer by bringing people together
  • Fresh ideas and an open mind
  • Transparent outreach and respect for the will of the people.
  • Common sense solutions
  • Open to suggestions – let’s make the idea pot bigger.

Good leaders recognize that we need everyone’s help! This is a team sport.


I’ve served my country for 26 years in the armed forces. I look at joining City Council as a new way to use my skills to serve the community I’ve grown to love.



About Me

  • Married to Emily, blended family of five kids (only one still in the nest!)
  • You can find Emily and me at Tela most Thursday evenings, eating dinner at the bar
  • P&G employee for 17 years
  • Eagle Scout (even at a young age I was leading)
  • West Point graduate
  • Combat veteran – served as an advisor to the Iraqi Army leading a team of American soldiers
  • Served as a peacekeeper in Bosnia and Kosovo leading soldiers to maintain the fabric that holds society together in war-torn lands with people who had suffered so much
  • Army Ranger – graduate of U.S. Army Ranger School
  • Your neighbor
  • Running enthusiast, Bengals season ticket holder, reader of military history, addicted to (disclosure) The Bachelor(ette)
  • Still serving today as a Colonel in the Army Reserve; more than 26 years of military service


Jeff LeRoy at dinner with Iraqis

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